June 27, 2024

Baby boomer organ grinders are planning to retire

And that means a lot of businesses will ‘retire’ with them.

Roughly 69% of them, according to Employee Ownership. 120,000 businesses over the next 10 years. Either by being sold off to a competitor (90,000), or liquidated by the owner (30,000).

Actually way more than that, because Employee Ownership’s research* only looked at SMEs – firms with 10 – 249 employees.

What about the much larger population of 1,018,220 micro businesses employing between 3 and 9 people?

If the proportions are the same, we’re talking about another 200,000+ small business employers and their jobs simply disappearing over the next 10 years.

Not all of these businesses will be missed. Not all of those jobs will be missed. But many amazing businesses will simply die, unnecessarily.

If you’re one of them, what can you do?

You can make sure that instead of the whole business disappearing, only the founder needs to.

You can do that by going employee-owned.

You can do that even better if you’re also employee-run.

When everyone’s an organ grinder, and nobody’s a monkey, anyone is free to take a break when they need to, and still have a business to come back to.

Discipline makes Daring possible.

Ask me how.

*The data.