November 8, 2022


My interest in documenting how things should work came from my years in software development.   To me, it always seemed sensible to work out what you wanted your software to do before you built it, or bought it.

And even more sensible that it should reflect the way you do business rather than an average of hundreds of other firms.

Writing a customer Experience Score before you commission software has other benefits too.

It gets everyone thinking about change – ‘how we really want it to work’ rather than simply ‘how we do it now’.

It gets everyone thinking a level up from the day-to-day, about what has to happen when rather than how it happens.

But most of all it gives everyone, including you, the chance to reframe your business from a management hierarchy to an easily replicable system for making and keeping promises.

And the benefits keep coming after you’re done.   Once you can demonstrate that your unique system for making and keeping promises works consistently, people will ask you to do more of it for them.  And you will find it easy to scale up on delivery.

Like many a human enterprise, the hard work is all up front, but worth it for the dividends flying in later, almost effortlessly.

And isn’t that just what it means to be an entrepreneur?