July 4, 2022

A tender impact

Patrick Hurley takes a huge blank piece of paper, thinks about what he wants to draw – ‘It’s going to be a ring, I want it to have depth, it will be made of squares‘ – marks a few points for guidance.

Then he draws.   In a single continuous line.

From a distance the result has impact.   There’s a clear structure, a vision – you might almost say a purpose to it.

Up close, you feel tenderness for the humanity of it.  The wobbles, the inconsistencies, the variation, the failure to keep to the ‘perfect’ alignment.

It’s like life,‘ says Patrick ‘You can only go forward, if you make a mistake, do better next time, or do something that atones for it.’


Work is part of life.  So why not approach it this way too?  Create a framework with clear boundaries, a goal and a method for achieving it.  Then let everyone add their own humanity.

Impact with tenderness.

Find Patrick and more of his work on instagram: @hurleyman03.