February 3, 2021


So, the thing about the news (including social media) is that it isn’t really about keeping people informed.  It’s about maintaining dominant stories.  And of course we all have our own explanations for why things are the way they are that may be contradicted or supported by ‘the news’.  It can be exhausting trying to work out what to believe or who to trust, easier to believe nothing or everything.

In a world of ever-increasing information, fake or otherwise, simply knowing that there’s more than meets the eye is helpful.  It allows you to be skeptical, to pause before accepting everything that’s offered, to consider whether that story is backed up by evidence.

When you realise that there may be a different way to explain things, your mind opens to a myriad of possibilities.

That’s how we make things better.  We tell new stories, about how things could be.  

And when enough of us do it, it makes the news.