July 10, 2024

This book will open your eyes to the wilderness myth

How can one European ‘discoverer’ of America see parklands with woods ‘you could drive a carriage through’; towns lining the banks of rivers and a population of strong, healthy, thriving people, cultivating a variety of crops, while another sees ‘wilderness’, teeming with bison and carrier pigeon, or choked with weeds.

For two reasons.

First because the unwitting impact of the first ‘discoverer’ is to decimate the existing population (actually more like septimate), removing the keystone species of the ecosystem. What the second ‘discoverer’ sees decades later is the result.

Second, because ‘wilderness’ is what the second ‘discoverer’ wants to see. It gives him permission to explore, conquer and appropriate. It gives him permission to steal without the discomfort of cognitive dissonance.

“There was nobody there!”, or “They weren’t using it productively!” has been the cry of the capitalist thief since capitalism began. From enclosure, to highland clearances, the scramble for Africa and now, Gaza.

Right now, we even steal to create a wilderness!

It’s not only wrong, it loses us valuable information on how to live well in our various habitats, without destroying them.

Yet again, this book teaches that what you think you see isn’t necessarily what you’re really looking at.

That’s true inside the ecosystem of your business too.

What do you think you see? What’s really going on? How could you transform it into an ecosystem where everyone can thrive? Indefinitely.

Not by conquest, certainly.