July 8, 2024

How to feel confident stepping onto a plane

If I told you that pilots were trained by ‘throwing them in at the deep end’, how would you feel about getting on a plane?

Yet ‘throwing them in at the deep end’ is how most small businesses train their staff.

What if you took a leaf out of the real aviation playbook and decided to create a ‘simulator’ for your business? A framework of processes that represents how the business works, along with dozens of more or less likely scenarios for how they actually work.

Newcomers could train on it to get to know how your business works, building confidence as they go. Everyone could use it to practise new services before you deliver them, or to explore how things could be done differently.

Make it a psychologically safe space and it will be fun, team-bonding and surprisingly productive.

A practise space people use regularly to continuously improve your business.

Whether you’re there or not.

Discipline makes Daring possible.