December 15, 2020

Everything’s an offer

Yesterday I started reading ‘DO/IMPROVISE’ by Robert Poynton.   It starts with another of those lovely diagrams that you only have to see to be changed by:


It’s the bit in the middle that’s powerful.  ‘EAO’ stands for ‘Everything’s An Offer’.

An improv term, an ‘offer’ is what a fellow actor or audience member gives you to build on as you improvise a scene or story together.   It doesn’t matter what it is, or how random it is, your job is to take it and use it to build your next offer, so that everyone can keep the scene going to a satisfactory conclusion for all.  None of you know what that conclusion is until you find it.

The only part of the process you control is your own ability to spot offers, see their potential and react in a way that increases that potential for someone else.

After what 2020’s thrown at us, that might just be the attitude to cultivate for 2021.